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This page provides customers of aws financial institutions with information about the legal and regulatory requirements in Japan that may apply to their use of AWS services. The legal team hires at all levels, including in-house counsel, senior in-house counsel, associate general counsel, contract managers, legal assistants and executive assistants for roles to support our rapidly growing and evolving businesses. Yes. Financial institutions in Japan are permitted to use the cloud services as long as they meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as those described below. 19. Can I stay on AWS Inc. and use unapplyed credits? After this change, all customer transactions with AWS Japan will receive invoices from AWS Japan for purchases on the 3P Marketplace. You should apply as many credits as possible to your current purchases or all 2P Marketplace purchases from AWS Inc. You can claim unclaimed credits from AWS, Inc. to be refunded to your bank account. General questions about AWS Japan Marketplace for Sellers 1. What is changing? AWS Marketplace purchases are facilitated by Amazon Web Services Japan G.K.

(“AWS Japan”) for purchases of AWS accounts based in Japan. Sellers receive payments from AWS Japan`s U.S. bank accounts for transactions with AWS customers in Japan. In addition, Japan-based sellers will be charged Japan Excise Tax (YCW) on their registration fee and a YCW-compliant invoice will be presented. Sellers based outside of Japan will not charge YCW for their registration fee and will not receive an invoice. The YCW is calculated based on the location of the seller`s account and tax settings in the AWS Billing Console. 2. How can I sell through this legal entity? For non-resident sellers, no additional steps are required to sell through AWS Japan. Your offers are automatically enabled for transactions through AWS Japan for transactions with AWS accounts based in Japan.

For sellers based in Japan, we are required to collect additional information for regulatory purposes. If you live in Japan and would like to register on AWS Marketplace, please contact mpcustdesk@amazon.com for more information. 3. Do I need to relist my products through AWS Japan? No, you do not need to relist your products. AWS Marketplace products are still part of a global catalog. If you sell to customers in Japan, the AWS Marketplace moderator is Amazon Web Services Japan G.K. and customers will receive the appropriate invoice at the time of billing. 4.

How will this change affect my taxes? If you are a Japan-based seller and have made a sale on a Japan-based AWS account on AWS Marketplace, AWS Japan will charge you Japanese Excise Tax (YCW) on your AWS registration fee and that YCW will be deducted from your payments. AWS Japan will issue you a JCT-compliant invoice for your registrations. If you have any further questions, please email mpcustdesk@amazon.com. If you are a non-Japanese seller and have made a sale on a Japan-based AWS account on AWS Marketplace, AWS Japan will not charge you a YCW for your AWS enrollment fee. You will not receive an invoice for an offer fee. AWS has no obligation or authority to collect the YCW for sales from AWS Marketplace sellers. For more information, see Tax assistance – Japan. Regulations are changing rapidly in this area, and AWS is working to help customers proactively respond to new rules and policies. AWS encourages customers to seek appropriate advice from financial institutions on compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements relevant to their business, including other regulations, policies, and local laws.

Our legal team is deeply involved in all aspects of Amazon`s diverse business and operations, from researching groundbreaking new products and services to bringing our best ideas to market and operating effectively on a global scale. We`re full members of Amazon teams that disrupt established business practices for the benefit of our customers – whether it`s reading books on a device (Kindle), delivering just about everything you need quickly (Amazon.com; PrimeNow), establish the cloud as a business site (AWS), deliver packages by drone (PrimeAir), launch new TV shows (transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, Golden Globe winners, for best TV series – musical or comedy) and many more. The scope of our work is truly incredible. Financial institutions in Japan may be subject to a number of different legal and regulatory requirements when using cloud services. In particular, the FSA generally expects financial institutions to follow the security guidelines issued by the Center for computer systems for banks and related financial institutions. for financial sector information systems (FISC) when using the cloud. 19. Can I stay with AWS Inc. and use unapplyed credits? Starting today, all transactions between AWS Japan and you will receive an invoice from AWS Japan for your 3P Marketplace order. Apply as many credits as possible to your current AWS Inc.

order or 2P Marketplace order. You are responsible for AWS Inc.