Are Western Hognose Snakes Legal in Canada

We want our animals to go to well-informed and prepared homes. By purchasing from us, you agree to follow our information and standards of care. All of our Western Hognoses have at least 10 consecutive feedings of frozen-thawed and unscented mice before being housed. This species is not legal in – AB, MB, SK, & NS All I know is that I already want my Uromastyx and I want to own dart frogs, pig nose, FWC and other things in the future. Bans or “approved lists” harm and shut down ethical breeders like us, but don`t stop unethical breeders/sellers – when something that makes species illegal only reinforces the black market that doesn`t care about the health and welfare of the animals or the people who buy them. This contributes to more wild catches, perhaps poaching, without accountability. We have provinces in Canada that have banned certain pets in general. Does this mean that no one owns them? No, this means that they were imported under false names. Many people don`t know how close we are to constantly losing our rights to our own reptiles and most exotics. For years, groups like PETA, HSUS and many others have spent millions of dollars in court and continue to push disinformation into the hands of government officials and news sources who have the power to create bans and “safety lists.” The proposed banned lists are often far-reaching, banning entire genera of species, with no real idea of the animals on which they are blacklisted. Put on lists harmless animals such as ball pythons and crested geckos next to tigers, pit vipers or many other animals, often very dangerous and already illegal to keep.

Hognose snakes very rarely bite out of defense/aggression, preferring to bluff out of a threatening situation. But these are not the brightest bulbs in the box, and sometimes they bite their guardians when they mistake a human hand for prey. It should be noted that Hognose snakes died as a last resort and will accept the fate of death when this point is reached, so to anyone who wants to buy a Hognose like me, Please do not let a Hognose play dead! (The exceptions are that young people can play the dead when they have first human contact because they don`t know what humans are. Be smart and look for snakes of all kinds that you want to own.) How much does a western pig-nosed snake cost? Hognose snakes are often bred for captivity in the United States. Common Western hognoses cost between $175 and $250 from a private breeder. Hello! I remember reading somewhere some time ago that you cannot legally own a Western Hognose in Alberta, Canada, because it is a native species. However, I`ve been researching again lately and I can`t find this anywhere, and I wonder if it`s not truer/never has been? In 2009, amendments were made to the Controlled Alien Species Regulations to address certain species of the snake family Boidae (Boa) and Pythonidae (Python). In 2012, changes were made to treat some species of the family Varanidae (varanifs). Hognose Snake is a short and vigorous snake. The overall rating.

size varies; the east of Hognose almost reached. three feet, the nose of the western pig an average of two. The feet and nose of the southern pig are the smallest. with a total length of one and a half feet. I had hoped to change Toronto`s regulations for things like arrow frogs, T`s (or at least some types of em), snakes that are considered slightly venomous, like pig`s noses, FWC (both species of snakes are among those I want to keep at some point), and others once people stop focusing on stupid Covid bs. In short, there are three species lists, Permitted, Division 1 and Division 2. Division 1 means that the animal is illegal overnight and must be abducted/euthanized. Department 2 means that the animal can be a grandfather for the rest of its life provided the province is notified. Guardians have until November 30 to comply with the regulations in both cases.

If it is not on a list and some common species are missing, it is probably illegal and even asking for a species to be categorized would probably result in an explicit restriction. Ask an expert. Western Hognose snakes are among the easiest snakes to maintain. They are shy and can often be found hidden in their habitat. But although they are shy, they are still unique and have their own needs for habitat, food and hygiene. Examples of Division 2 animals that must obtain a grandfather`s permit or must be declared illegal: Once a single reptile listed below reaches a height greater than three metres (snakes) or more than two metres (lizards), a permit must be applied for and issued authorizing the possession and transport of the individual species. The most characteristic feature of hognose snakes is their inverted muzzle, which helps to dig in sandy soils using a lateral sweeping movement. They also like to dig into masses of humus. Lieoheterodon species are known to dig up lizard eggs.

I currently live in Alberta and would love to own a snake if I have my own place. It doesn`t have to be Western Hognose, but when looking for snakes, these are my favorites, so if they`re allowed to be kept as pets in Alberta, they would be my ideal choice.